Free Manuscript Appraisal.

TGLHave you read Book Fun Magazine’s February Edition?

In the Australian Spirit of ‘Having a Go’, and following the theme of my column in Book Fun this month, I am offering one reader a free manuscript appraisal with my editor, Iola Goulton of Christian Editing Services, N.Z. 

All you have to do is provide Iola with a 25 word overview of your manuscript. Send this to her by email at:

We would also like to know why you would like to win this prize. Please leave this answer here on my blog in the comments. 

This contest will be open throughout the month of February. We will prayerfully considering any submission. 

Full details of prize: 

Manuscript Assessment – Iola Goulton. Christian Editing Services. New Zealand.

Manuscripts must be written in English. The winning manuscript must be sent before June 2015.

A manuscript assessment is an appraisal and critique of your novel, providing feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your plot, plot, structure, characterisation, point of view, dialogue, interior monologue. I may also undertake some basic fact checking or, for historical novels, highlight potential anachronisms.

This will highlight your strengths, and provide you with specific areas on which to focus the revision of your manuscript. This is most appropriate when you have finished writing and revising your first draft, and is especially useful for authors who have doubts about one or more aspects of their writing—there is little point in polishing the spelling and grammar of a passage that needs to be rewritten.

Up to 60,000 words only.

Value AU $275.00

Iola Goulton Headshot
Iola Goulton

I am a freelance editor specialising in Christian fiction aimed at adults and young adults. While I specialise in fiction, I also edit non-fiction on occasion. Non-fiction projects have included memoir, theology and self-help. I love to read, and I read and review around 150 novels a year on my blog,

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in marketing, and have twenty years of experience as a human resources consultant, which has included writing and editing a company newsletter, designing and writing the content for a government website, contributing three chapters to a professional text, and writing and proofreading more client reports than I can count. You can find out more about my services at

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