Hello World

This is my first blog post. To all those thinking about setting up a blog here is some very wise advice. 

Don’t try to do it while you have your five-year old home sick from school. 

While I slog away at the technicalities of setting up a blog, my child is currently giving me the count. ” 12, 13, 14, 78. Mummy, my website had better be on. I’ve been waiting patiently. I’m about to go away now. Who fixed your shredder for you hey?” Yes it was Tully who fixed the shredder. It was also Tully who jammed the shredder. 

“Mummy, I’ve been using my manners. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting a lot.” 

Well this is it – the pressure has taken it’s toll – onwards to the Wiggles.

One thought on “Hello World

  1. maggie

    Hello my precious friend, Rose,

    There is not much you have not shared with me, thankfully there have been a greater abundance of highs than lows. The lows, you manage so well are a testiment to your faith and the love and support of your have for your also precious husband and Tully. I know they give it right back, so there is the answer to where inspiration and contentment exist to make you who you are AND I love you !!!!!!..
    Not being much of a reader ( I dont sit still long enough) I must say I am so looking forward to your first book release. I will set aside reading time to ensure I dont have to re read a few pages to keep up. Big failing !!
    Keep up the great work Rose, you make me very proud to know you… you always have. I have never read a Blog and must say It makes a great read… Can’t wait for the book…Bless you Gorgeous Girl X

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