Casting off the Net.

 My friend just sent me a YouTube link of a whale rescue. A group of researches happened across a whale, almost dead and entangled in a fishing net. They set about unravelling the encumbrance in order to free the animal. I sat watching through tears as this massive beast swum to freedom. Regardless of its obvious exhaustion, the whale jumped and slammed its bulk in a spectacular display of thanks to its rescuers.

This made me think about us humans. We may not all be physically entangled in a net, but emotional baggage, un-forgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, ect ect ect; it can all force us into a nearly dead state. Depression, sadness, hardship; they are all so prevalent in today’s world. It made me realise how truly blessed I am. My faith in God is the biggest and best part of who I am. There is nothing I ever have to go through or face alone. What a blessing, what a promise, WHAT A RESCUE.

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