Wrapped up in a Daydream

I’ve just come back from a few days on Daydream Island Resort and Spa (see link on side of page). The weather was sensational, the spa was intensely relaxing, the food was delicious, and the mock tails were fruitiful. (I highly recommend the experience). Sitting by the ocean as the waves lapped the shore, I wondered how life could get much better than this? Here in this tropical paradise I didn’t have to clean, cook, keep my child entertained, stress about business, or have a care in the world. It was with some heavy sighing that I made my way back to ‘reality’. Due to the fact that we run our own business, my husband was unable to join me on this three day get away. In any case, it was a girls’ retreat. I didn’t anticipate the humbling I received when I stepped foot in my door. My husband had tidied the house, done the washing and there was a delicious stew on the stove. It made me realize that as much as it was a pleasure to get away from ‘it all’ – it was a heart moment to get back to ‘it all’. How blessed I am that at times, life is truly a ‘daydream’.

4 thoughts on “Wrapped up in a Daydream

  1. Sigh and more sighs. What a wonderful experience to simply re—la–xx in such a perfect setting. And HOW romantic!
    If you ever squeeze in time for extras, Rose, I’d love you to send me your story of how you met your husband and something about your books which I’d post on my blog.

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