Working ‘Beyond Resolution’.

A few days ago, my son told me to keep all his drawings and; ‘Don’t throw them away. Because I have no doubt that when I am an adult, people will pay big money for them.’

Trying to conceal my humour, I told him that under no circumstances would any of them be put in the bin. Having overcome my amusement something very powerful struck me about this exchange. That is: My son’s overwhelming confidence in his abilities.

I started to think about the confidence he had in his future success. I loved that he didn’t just sit back and say ‘maybe one day’ but said ‘absolutely one day’.  And since then he has worked hard and produced many, many more drawings. I may even have to buy a new shed to house them all. He is willing to work hard towards his goal, believing and knowing his success will come.

Now, I know that my son may not become a great artist. At six years of age he does have a lot of growing up to do. But his attitude will get him far. I have decided to harness this and be an example to him.

My son’s attitude has given me a renewed strength as I press on towards the launch of my second book ‘Beyond Resolution’ on the 23rd of April. It will be a week-long event consisting of a very special online launch, a photo trailer presentation of my new release ‘Beyond Resolution’, and a video trailer presentation of the ‘Resolution Series’, AND a local Mackay bookstore launch. It’s a lot of hard work, but I KNOW it WILL be worth it. 


In ‘Back to Resolution’ Bay resolved to find her father. Keep and eye on this website to find out what Samara is searching for. ‘Beyond Resolution’ – the second book in the ‘Resolution Series’. 

3 thoughts on “Working ‘Beyond Resolution’.

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    I applaud Tully’s attitude. I love it when our children inspire us to be bigger and better than we are. Go Tully! And keep those drawings. I kept my son’s drawings until he was sixteen and I discovered his gifting wasn’t art, but with words. I looked at his childhood paintings with nostalgia and then I through them away. He said, ‘I’ll use my words to capture the world, Mum’.

    Congratulations on Beyond Resolution, Rose. I can’t wait for the release on 23rd.

  2. Our kids teach us the best lessons don’t they!
    As an unpublished writer, it can be tempting sometimes to develop the attitude “some day if I’m lucky I might get published”, rather than thinking “With sufficient hard I work I know I can hone my craft to bring my work to publishable standards”. Next time I am tempted to have a negative attitude about any of my abilities in life, I will remember your son.

    1. Oh, Adam. It is amazing what my 6 year old had taught me. Keep working. It does pay off. I always say: Write what you know and what you love. You can’t go wrong if you do. God has a time for everything, and I think we do our best learning when waiting. Nothing is ever wasted is it. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment.

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