Life is but a Daydream.

Everyone has a place of rest – a spot to go to when you need a break from the stresses of the world. For some it’s a cosy corner of the house where they can sit and read. For others it’s a golf course, a shopping expedition, or a quiet corner in a coffee shop. But for me it’s the ocean.

I grew up on the beach, so the constant thud of pounding waves, and the film of salt spray formed the mainstay of my childhood. I awoke each morning to the yellow heat of the sun and the fresh breeze floating off the water. I went to sleep each night to the whistling wind and the high pitched cries of coastal birds. Having this seaside influence day in and day out has had a very significant effect on my psyche.

Whenever I feel the heaviness of life, I take to the beach and to the Pacific ocean of my childhood. For me it represents so many securities. And although I grew up on a beach, and live at the beach, my very first preference for a holiday destination is still an island.

With this affinity, is it any wonder that the settings for my stories are on our Australian tropical coastline!

Today I am offering you a snapshot from my holiday album. These were taken on my last trip to Daydream Island Resort and Spa – my favourite holiday destination.

I hope these photos provide you with some escapism.

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There are several 'Living' Reefs at Daydream Island. The range of reef fish is amazing. From the smallest coral dweller to large predators like sharks and stingrays. I could spend hours sitting and watching them. Also stingray feeding is a must see. Love it.
The 'Australiana' themed Mini Golf Course on Daydream Island Resort and Spa.
One of the many pool side spots at Daydream Island Resort and Spa.
View from Daydream.

2 thoughts on “Life is but a Daydream.

  1. Wow that really looks like an amazing place – the kind of place you only really ever see in movies.

    I don’t really have a specific place as you describe, but there have been times when I’ve gone away to reconnect with God amongst his creation. I remember one such time when I was really feeling the need for his presence. We were visiting my grandparent’s shack at Arthur’s Lake in the Tasmanian midlands. I walked to an isolated part of the lake, sat down and prayed. The vegetation is sparse around that area so it’s quite an interesting landscape. I remember seeing a butterfly approach and land near me. You know you’ve truly slowed yourself down when you have time to notice butterflies.

    I’m noticing a lot of Aussie authors seem to set their stories in the part of the country where they live. It makes sense. I should probably follow that example. I live in one of the most amazing parts of the world, yet my first novel manuscript which I’m working on is set in NSW.

  2. HI Adam,
    I would love to visit Tasmania. I have been talking about going down there for a long time.

    I think it is easier to set stories in places you have been to or live in, but part of being an author is drawing on the imagination. And with information at our fingertips, it is easy to research places we haven’t been. A book I am currently involved in is set in South Australia. I have never been to that part of the country, so I’ve been doing a lot of research. The only problem is that now it’s on my list of must see places.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Rose.

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