Monuments are Important. Please help me with this one.

Kim Picture
Kim Elizabeth Jane Venables.

Desperately seeking handyman on Norfolk Island. Must have a grinder and is able to prepare the surface of a stone, (already in place), and fix our plaque to the stone. Happy to pay any cost of the job. If you know of anyone PLEASE HELP. email: 

My little sister, Kim died on the 7th of December 1999. After seeing her lifeless, it became so clear to me that our bodies are nothing but shells. The essence, the person, the spirit, of my sister had gone; so when my father applied to have a plaque established at the place where she fell at Puppy’s Point, Norfolk Island, I can honestly say that I didn’t understand why.

For me Kim was exactly where her grave head stated – ‘safe in the arms of Jesus’. I didn’t understand why a monument, however small, was important. She was no longer at the place where she fell, so why mark that spot?

I have never found comfort in visiting grave sites. I prefer to recall the memories of loved ones who have passed in other ways. But even though I didn’t understand my father’s motivation, I still supported him in his desire to see the monument established – for no other reason than because it fulfilled something within him.

Unfortunately my father was never able to establish this monument to my sister. Each one of his requests was denied by the Norfolk Island governing body, and he also passed away last year.

Then, about six months ago on a visit to Townsville, my son, Tully and I came across the World War Two memorials on the Strand. My son was enthralled. He had me read aloud to him the details of the Battle of the Coral Sea, and he walked wall after wall of names to find his great Uncles who had served. His interest piqued again and again with each new section we discovered.

His reaction was testimony to me that memorials are important. They are put in place for the living, not the dead. They are established so we can remember; share the stories of our past; and leave legacies of knowledge for future generations. A memorial is an unspoken communication, a loving gift to the one who has passed, and a loving reminder of the life we all have.

I have submitted a renewed request to the Norfolk Island Government that our family be allowed to place a small plaque at the spot where Kim fell. I am asking you to please help me in this request by leaving a small comment of support to this post.

Monuments are important – a vital part of the history of an area, and stories that need to be told.



32 thoughts on “Monuments are Important. Please help me with this one.

  1. Monuments are important. It is through monuments that we have learned so much of our past and that of past civilisations. I hope and pray that you are granted permission to leave a small mark on the place where your dear sister departed for glory. xx Nicole

  2. dingo4mum

    Hi! Yes, it is by looking back we can treasure those who have gone before us, remembering their victories and learning from the mistakes they have made. May we reaffirm those who have built the foundation which our families and society now stand on. A memorial is a tangible reminder to us to not forget and to face our future with hope and appreciation. All the best with your application for a plaque for your sister. 🙂

  3. Rose I’m hoping you are successful in your application to Norfolk council to have a small plaque commemorating your dear sister where she fell. I can remember being moved by similar memorials at Uluru (Ayers Rock). This is such a simple thing to do which will mean so much to Kim’s family.

  4. We are all the custodians of history. In our own way, we celebrate and hold the past for the next generation to discover. Your son’s reaction is proof the best way to show respect for those snatched by tragedy, is to set a marker in tribute. I sincerely hope you get to see your father’s wish and legacy to your dear sister, very soon, Rose.

  5. Hi Rose,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I pray you will be successful in having a memorial put up for her. May the Norfolk council realise its importance and grant you your request.

  6. I have stopped to read many monuments during my travels over the years and am convinced of their significance not just to the loved one concerned but to everyone. I really hope your success will be granted.

  7. A memorial there would also be a good reminder for others to take care. Can’t see the harm in it and if it provides your family with a sense of connection and comfort, then I support you.

  8. Nola

    I hope they grant your request Rose. Monuments really are important. They connect us with history. I remember having tears in my eyes reading the plaques at the Adelaide River war cemetery in the Northern Territory. The words of loved ones spoke through the years and made it real.

  9. Rose, thank you for sharing this beautiful insight with us. I wholeheartedly support the placing of a plaque and pray that your application would be looked upon favourably. Blessings, Helen.

  10. Sally Dee

    I don’t even understand why a modest monument like you are requesting is an issue for those at Norfolk – they should count their blessings, as there are many other paths to get what you want at least you are being reasonable about the whole thing and trying to work with them.

  11. Paula Keightley

    For what it would mean to your family I sincerely hope you succeed in coming to an agreement to establishing a monument to your sister.

  12. Andrea D'alton

    Memorials are so important to the families that are left behind, I hope and pray that you are granted permission for the plaque for your sister. It will be such a special tribute to her and your family xxx

  13. Patricia Howard

    Rose, I pray that the Norfolk Island council has the compassion to allow you & your family to erect a plaque in memory of your precious sister who died so tragically at a young age.

  14. Maggie Bullock

    For Rose and her Family, I urge the Norfolk Government to make it a priority to allow the Memorial plague to Kim. Rose is incredibly sensitive to the well being of all mankind and surrounds all who touch her life with much love and caring. Kim will remain forever in the hearts of Rose and her Family a Memorial would enhance their belief that others truly recognize their loss, their pain and their sadness which they will endure for life… People die but love does not….

  15. Belinda poppi

    Rose.. I shared many cups of coffee with Kim when we both found ourself working at Dungeness. I am still shocked by her passing and I hope Norfolk Island council permit you to have a memorial there… So others can know just a little of the bright energetic young woman she was and will always be. Best of luck Rose xx

  16. Travis

    I hope the local government on norfolk grants you the permission Rose. Looking forward to a favorable outcome for you and your family.

  17. linda

    You are on the mark Rose, what great insight your son has. All the best with your plight, I hope the Norfolk government can supports your request and your father’s will is honoured.

  18. Ruth groundwater

    I know if in were to visit Norfolk island as it really is somewhere in want to go, I would really love to see ,read , and reflect at Kim’s memorial…. sadly until I read this from Rose I had forgotten about the events that took place on norfolk and Kim Venables life as our own lives become so busy and memories fade. A small memorial tile will mean that will never happen again..

  19. Meagan Furber

    This is a beautiful girl, one who I know everyone will keep in their hearts. Asking for a monument in her remembrance is a beautiful thing and should not be denied to anyone . It is hard enough for families to come to terms with their grief, please show compassion to this family. The site where she fell is where she flew up to heaven and should never be forgotten xoxo

  20. Melanie Cohen

    I loved Kim! She was one of the “big girls” at dancing, so she was a role model to many, but she was also a lot of fun to be around. I hope that this request for a memorial can finally be approved. It is important to remember the lives of loved ones and this is the perfect way to do it.

  21. Lisa Rose

    I think memorials are important to remember the beautiful souls that inhabit these shell bodies. Kim was a beautiful soul and deserves a memorial.

  22. Danniella

    Yes this is so true our loved ones are meant to love on in our memories, a reminder to appreciate our lives and time on earth and not just take it in our stride. Gods gift to us and we must embrace it! Let’s learn the lessons from those that have left us inspirational or moving stories.

  23. Nic

    Good luck with your request to have a plaque in place.
    Of course you should be able to have a memorial where a loved one has passed away (dont understand why Council would have an issue with this)
    Its a special place for loved ones to remember the good times, and also to remind others to be careful in these areas.
    I think of you often Kim, hope you are resting in peace x

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