Know that YOU are LOVED this Valentines Day.

RosesAt one stage in my life, Valentines Day did not hold a scrap of significance for me. Flowers did not arrive, loving words were not spoken, and without a ‘significant other’ there was no hope for romance. The hopeless romantic in me was never satisfied, and I would breathe a sigh of relief that the day had ended.

Today I have a husband and son who shower me with attention, and it never needs to be ‘Valentines Day’ for my husband to buy me flowers, or an expensive gift to show me he loves me. I am blessed. But this morning before my husband had greeted me, or my son had woken up, I read these words:

“The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness”‘ (Jeremiah 31/3).

It made me realize that all those years I felt sad because I didn’t receive any flowers, didn’t hear any loving words, and didn’t have a ‘significant other’ – I actually DID. HE was the one who gave me the day; who bloomed every flower in the world; HE ordered the birds to sing;  He gave me words of love; He sent his most precious ONE – all because HE loved ME.

If you are sad today, because you feel like you are missing out on love, please know that you haven’t been missed, or forgotten. Not one little bit. The ONE who taught us what it is to love – loves YOU. And it is with an E-V-E-R-L-A-S-T-I-N-G Love.

One thought on “Know that YOU are LOVED this Valentines Day.

  1. The goal of most lovers on Valentine’s Day is to communicate love to their significant other. For these blessed people, Valentine’s Day is a much anticipated holiday that brings fulfillment and joy. Thanks for sharing your blog!

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