Put the technology down and step away from the IPhone!!!!!!

I have recently acquired a new, super, you buet iPhone. It’s a wonderful contraption jam-packed with features that blow the mind. The problem is that the addition of the new technology to our household has had some serious side-effects.

My husband has accused me (more than once) of becoming socially inept. His concern that the phone is being checked in far too regular intervals has led me to monitor my behaviour, and much to my dismay, he was right.

 Before the iPhone I had to walk downstairs to the office, turn on the compter and wait for the checking of my email. But now the phone is conveniently within reach and the check requires just the touch of the screen. But hang on – is it really necessary? Am I waiting on an urgent e-mail or is it something deeply Freudian – like the simple thrill of acknowledgement? Are we all – just like the Jimmy Buffett song says – “So connected, but all alone”?

If I am sitting with my husband (or anyone else for that matter) is it really necessary to have the iPhone hovering nearby? According to my husband, it is a slight on his company that the conversation is regularly abandoned for the little white contraption. Could he have a very wise point?

Is it better to give my full attention to the person who has taken the time to be with me, loves me, is interested in me and is waiting to hear my point of view? Or do I cast that aside for blur of the internet?

If, like me you have unconsciously bought into the iPhone madness please take a moment to reflect and next time, put it away and only answer it if it rings – trust me –  it won’t kill you.

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