See you at the Shack

A few weeks ago I told my husband that I would be very happy to sell everything and go to live in a shack on the beach. He promptly got on the internet and researched ‘beach shacks for sale’. After a few intense conversations regarding the drastic move, I realized that I was indeed, very seriously happy to make the change. Another extraordinary thing happened; the more people I shared my ‘dream’ with the more people wanted to come with us. The isolation we sought has turned into a community of shacks. What is it about a shack that attracts us? It cannot be the ramshackle existence – living in semi suitable housing on a spot open to the elements. Nor the work involved in simple living – vege garden to keep, place to keep clean, ect. And what if the shack completely lacked the modern conveniences, running water, electricity, no internet, mobile phone. It’s just plain crazy. I suspect the shack symbolises something greater than necessity. The desire to live simply, the drive to re-connect with each other and nature for that matter. It’s what makes you want to run away and join the circus as a child. Or buy a camper and take a trip around Austraila like the grey nomads. Maybe once a year we all need to take off to the shack, forget about our busy busy lifestyle and do nothing but enjoy being with each other. With this in mind, I am taking my own advice – I’m off to Sydney next week to see Mary Poppins with my son. Hope you also get to escape to your shack sometime soon.


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