Mary Poppins – Can I Please Borrow Your Umbrella

How wonderful it would be if we could borrow Mary Poppins umbrella. The instant our children required discipline we could tap into its magic making horrible medicine taste delicious and badly treated toys come to life. Inspiration and fun would be presented at the flick of a wrist. Lessons would be learnt and undying love acquired in the process. What I learnt from Mary wasn’t anything to do with magic but confirmation of a parenting truth – to discipline is to love. We mere mortals don’t have Mary’s powers, we have to muddle though tantrums and defiance by human means. Weather you are battling the terrible twos or an uncommunicative teenager, never forget that each time you discipline your child through effective means you show them how much you love them. So if, like me, you are worn down and imagining life with Mary’s umbrella – be assured that you are not alone. We may not have Mary’s magic, but we love our children far more than she ever will.

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