Our ‘Literary Army’

Matt and Karen – Vision Radio Network.

In my recent interview on the ‘Aussie Hour’ with Matt and Karen on Vision Radio Network, Matt commented that Australia was experiencing a ‘revival of the arts’. I truly believe that this is the case, especially in my circles – Christian Women’s Fiction.

We have such a dynamic team of authors writing stories that resonate, not only with our fellow Aussies, but with international audiences as well. We have editors, proofreaders, and publishers that are refining our work with a professional touch, and turning each book into a story that touches hearts and provides entertainment and learning to our growing audience.

It is a joy to be a part of this community. We lift each other up, challenge each other to do our best, encourage, and give healthy, constructive criticism delivered with the love and respect we feel for each other.

We truly are (as Matt says in this interview) a ‘literary army’, (love that), and I am itching to get down to see my peers at The Word Writer’s Getaway on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. Not only am I launching the third book in my ‘Resolution’ series – ‘A New Resolution’, I am also coming together with three other Aussie Authors to launch our conjunction book – ‘The Greenfield Legacy’. This book is a testimony to the power of working together, and I love the story we have produced.

Please seek out our Aussie Authors – we have released books you will want to read:

Here are some links to get you started:





 Please take a moment to listen to my interview with Matt and Karen on Vision Radio Network’s ‘The Aussie Hour’.


Aussie Hour interview with Matt and Karen.


3 thoughts on “Our ‘Literary Army’

  1. Thanks for this post Rose. My eyes are being opened to what’s going on in the Aussie Christian arts community which is such a blessing.

    Be keen to understand a bit more about this weekend’s gathering at the Sunshine Coast. I can’t attend but love to know a few more details if they’re available. Thx so much.


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