A ‘Winning’ Week.

At Omega Writer’s Dinner with my Bookseller’s Choice Award.

I can’t believe that two completely different winning moments can span a period of days.

The first win (and a big surprise for me), was that ‘Back to Resolution’ won the Bookseller’s Choice award at this year’s Caleb Awards on Saturday night (13th October). 

This award blew me away! I was without words, (and that in itself is a real achievement, let me tell you). To win in this category is nothing short of the very best accolade my work could receive. You see, it was never my ‘dream’ to be an author. My dream was to do the one ‘thing’ God had placed me here to do, and not to have my life pass me by without serving Him in His work. This dream is what led me to write. I do not believe I am very ‘literary’, but I strive to portray real characters in real life dilemmas, and to produce stories that people love to read. So the idea that my stories have resonated with the public is a great joy to me. It is also encouraging as I continue with my writing. Thank you Omega Writers, all the readers who voted, as well as every bookstore that features my work. 

The other ‘winning’ moment was the draw for our accommodation voucher at Hinchinbrook Marine Cove Resort on Vision Radio Network.

I always know when God is the orchestrator of something because it goes according to His plan and not to ours. Such was this promotion, and what a wonderful joy it was! With over eighty callers to Vision’s Sing Song competition, listeners were given a chance to wobble their vocal chords and have some fun singing the songs we all love. Even Tully and I had a go at our own rendition of a children’s song. Thank you Karen, Matt, and everyone at Vision. 

On Monday we drew the winner – Ella from Esk in Queensland. Congratulations, Ella, and a very special thank you to all who entered. It was great fun. 

Me with Karen from Vision Radio drawing the winner of the Accommodation voucher at Hinchinbrook Marine Cove Resort.





5 thoughts on “A ‘Winning’ Week.

    1. It was great fun to catch up with you too, Amanda – and all of my co-authors on ‘The Greenfield Legacy’. I love the story we have written, and to launch it all together was a great joy – certainly a highlight of the weekend. It is wonderful to learn new things, improve our writing, and attend the awards, but I think that the time spent with friends will be a long and lasting happiness of the weekend. xx

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