Have a Chat.

Prize 1. First Chat. BCNI have often been referred to as ‘old Rose have a chat’. Probably because I talk way too much. But this week I must let my fingers do the talking – literally.

My first online chat is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am, Brisbane time. It’s being conducted by the Book Club Network in the USA, and I am very excited. I am also excited to be giving one lucky person a very special Aussie prize – or as I like to call it – an Aussie Care Package.

It was browsing though the specialty shops on my recent visit to Tasmania that I had the idea to put together something special for our friends across the water. Being a tropical climate girl, I never get to see the unique winter wear our country produces. Pure wool scarfs, soft and warm wraps, and ugg boots for all occasions. I was astounded by the quality and variety of our winter homegrown products. Having seen the wild winter onslaught America was facing, I knew something had to be done to show we were thinking of them.

Please check out the prize I have put together, and also please help support me by letting all your American friends know this is on. Who knows, it might be one of them who will win.

Book Club Network Chat is on

US Time – Monday 10th 8pm Eastern Time.

In Australia – that is Tuesday 11th at 11am (Brisbane time).


‘A New Resolution’ Wins Fiction Prize – CALEB Awards 2013

ANR with CALEB Sticker23102013_0000Life is full of surprises. This statement came true for me a few weeks ago when my third novel, ‘A New Resolution’ won the Fiction Prize in this year’s Caleb Awards.

I was surprised and delighted in equal measure. With competition being primarily from my co-authors, I considered the verdict to be something I would rejoice in whether I was a part of the win or not, but it is a wonderful encouragement to have your work recognized. I am grateful.

The story in ‘A New Resolution’ came so easily to me. It was conceived in my mind long before I finished my second novel, ‘Beyond Resolution’. This is the tale of a young woman struggling to overcome childhood abuse, making a choice that leads to teenage pregnancy, and struggling against the odds of family heritage to find peace, love and worthiness. Anika is the face of a lot of young women who unconsciously follow a pattern of abuse. The difference is, Anika chooses to believe in the love of her foster family, and embraces the unconditional love of faith in the Lord. It changes her life. Not to say her life is void of challenge, but in her journey she realises there is no challenge she ever has to face alone.

Here is an excerpt from the novel:


‘Kiki.’ Kye’s high-pitched voice made her look up. ‘She’s here. She’s walking up the stairs. I told you she was coming.’

A soft knock sounded. Ani looked toward the door as Caroline peered through the reflective glass.

‘Don’t let her in, Kiki. She’s worse than a wicked witch.’

Anika turned back to him. ‘That’s enough, Kye. I do not want to hear you insult her again. Do you hear me?’

Her son pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes in a display of defiance.

Anika walked to the door and slid it open.

‘Afternoon.’ Caroline’s greeting was dismissive. she was wearing skin tight shorts that made her lily-white legs look like twigs, and a peasant top that would have been beautiful had her shoulders not resembled a coat hanger. High-heeled wedges completed the outfit, and provided her with inches of unnecessary height. ‘Mind if I come in?’

Anika looked back at her son. He shook his head violently.

‘Now is a bad time. I’m in the middle of preparing lunch.’ She offered the woman an insincere smile.

‘Well this won’t take long.’ Caroline pushed past and entered the room.

Anika had little choice other than to follow her.

Kye was mirroring her mood, except he lacked the ability to disguise his feelings. His eyes squinted and his jaw gutted out at the intruder.

‘Kye, you can go and watch a movie in your room until I call you. Put on your earphones.’ She had to get him out of the lounge. The best way to shelter Kye from anything this woman had to say was to run interference. The noise of the DVD player should muffle the adult conversation.

He turned and stomped into his room.

Ani looked back at Caroline. ‘Can you make it quick?’ As far as she was concerned, this woman forfeited any requirement for manners when she barged uninvited into her cabin. ‘We’re about to eat.’ As if to further her point she left Caroline standing in the lounge while she moved back to her task of making sandwiches in the kitchen.

Caroline stood her ground, placing her hands in the pockets of her shorts and scanning the room.

‘This is real cosy. Incredibly insignificant, but then I guess it’s to be expected in Hicksville.’

Ani looked up from the activity to stare at her. ‘ If you’ve come to insult me, or my living conditions, you’re wasting your time. I’m not interested in your assessment of either.’

A rapid snort sounded in response. ‘You should be thanking me. I came halfway around the world to warn you. Nate isn’t who you think he is.’

Ani paused her ferocious buttering of bread. ‘You have no idea who Nate is. You haven’t had anything to do with him for over a year. You have no right to come here and make trouble for him.’

Caroline extracted one hand from her pocket to run though the length of her hair.

‘I may not have seen him for a while but I knew him intimately, for over two years. And I can certainly tell you who he’s not.’ The other hand flew from her pocket to rest upon her hip. ‘He’s not a man to fall for a small town nobody with no class and no breeding. Have a look at yourself. Don’t you own a hair brush?’

Anika couldn’t believe the audacity of the woman. Shock stopped her from responding. Caroline took advantage of Ani’s numbed state. ‘You don’t have one iota of class. Nate is a pedigree Texan, with a reputation to uphold. Can’t you see that he’s playing with you? Trust me. I’m doing you a favour by filling you in. He’s only interested in the chase, nothing more. When he tires of you he’ll take off, just like he did to me.’ She took a few slow paces forward.

‘Besides, I’ve also been told that you have black blood. Getting serious with a black is virtually sacrilege in my opinion. Besides, do you seriously think his family is going to allow him to marry someone with that kind of tarnished heritage?’

Anika felt a new flood of emotions hit her. Caroline’s words were like weapons piercing her soul. It hurt. A lot. Dry heat coursed through her body and a sinking feeling sent her stomach plummeting to the floor.

She closed her eyes tight. …….

The old feelings of insecurity and worthlessness surfaced. Throughout her childhood she had been told she wasn’t good enough. All her life she had told herself the same thing. Perhaps Caroline was right…….She didn’t even know who her father was. Classless and fatherless.

In the past the thoughts would have prompted a surge of self-preservation. She would have reared up and responded in kind to Caroline. But the familiar destructive words that bounced around her mind rang out as a mass of lies. There was an overwhelming sense of untruth, not only to the words in her head, but to Caroline’s attack.

A new voice overcame the old. You are not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book. I knew you before you were conceived, My thoughts towards you are as countless as the sand on the seashore. For I am your Father and I love you even as I love my son, Jesus.


To find out how Anika responds to Caroline’s attack, you’ll just have to read the book! This character certainly has a long and bumpy journey to share with you.

I want to say thank you to the many people who contributed to producing ‘A New Resolution’. They are all mentioned in the Acknowledgements page in the front of the novel, but in summary I want to say a special thanks  to my main readers – my sister Leonie, and neighbor Mary; to my editors – Iola and Wendy; and to my publisher – Rochelle. I know that they all share in the encouragement of this win, because they committed their own time and expertise into making this story the best that it could be.

Thank you also Omega writers for the chance you give us Aussie Authors a nod.

Interested in getting a copy of ‘A New Resolution’? Here are some stockist links. Also available on ebook and kindle.







Author Rose Dee. Caleb Awards 2013

‘While we were all sinners, Christ died for us’. (Romans 5:8)

Our Easter Craft.
Our Easter Craft.

I have had a challenging month. In the past weeks I have lashed out in anger after having been hurt; unintentionally said the wrong thing; unintentionally done the wrong thing; and had many instances where I have just felt like a failure to my faith.

Last week I was worried that I didn’t make a very good Christian because, even though I admitted each one of these failings in prayer, and asked for forgiveness, I still kept doing stupid wrong things. This thought made me anxious, depressed, and my hope took a nosedive.

Then something amazing happened – I went to school. Tully’s school to be exact. I was there to head up a reading group, and it was during this group that I made wonderful discovery about my failings, and my faith.

Here is the background story:

One of the children in the group had torn small rips on the side of a page in one of the books. The crime was pointed out to me by a boy who vigorously pointed the finger at another boy as the culprit. I knew that the finger pointing was justified, and despite denying the vandalism, I knew the boy had done the deed. I tried to coax the perpetrator into admitting it was him. This was extremely hard because I was constantly interjected by the finger pointer at every turn, so harshly did he judge the wrongdoing.

After a discussion on respecting books, I spoke about the deed itself and how I thought that it had been an unconscious action, not a deliberate naughtiness. I could see that it was a case of restless fingers.

Then I spoke about how not one of us is perfect, we all do wrong, even me as an adult, and it takes courage and character to admit our mistakes. Something I must have said had an effect on the boy, because when I asked again he put up his hand and admitted it was him.

I was elated, I was proud, I was happy, I wanted to cry. It was a turn around that delighted my heart. I told him that I still had to tell the teacher about the damaged book, but that I was proud of the way he had owned up, I acknowledged his bravery, and I told him that I would help him.

On my walk home I realised that I was exactly the same as the little boy who had done wrong. No matter how hard I tried, I could not be ‘good’. But when I go to God and admit my wrongdoing, He is elated because I have not tried to hide what He already knows.

I know that I have His forgiveness, and He will show me how to change if I ask for His help. It is never easy because by nature I have struggles, but He knows them all, and loves me anyway. He has brought me a long way, and I have a long way to go, but as long as I continue to seek Him, His forgiveness, and His help, He will be with me. In spite of my inability to be ‘good’, I am a delight to Him.

YOU are a delight to Him too. This Easter know that Jesus came so YOU can go to HIM. He is elated when you seek Him.

1 John 1:9 ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness’

Luke 15:7 – ‘I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.’

Matthew 7:1-2 – ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’

John 3:16 – ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

Know that YOU are LOVED this Valentines Day.

RosesAt one stage in my life, Valentines Day did not hold a scrap of significance for me. Flowers did not arrive, loving words were not spoken, and without a ‘significant other’ there was no hope for romance. The hopeless romantic in me was never satisfied, and I would breathe a sigh of relief that the day had ended.

Today I have a husband and son who shower me with attention, and it never needs to be ‘Valentines Day’ for my husband to buy me flowers, or an expensive gift to show me he loves me. I am blessed. But this morning before my husband had greeted me, or my son had woken up, I read these words:

“The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness”‘ (Jeremiah 31/3).

It made me realize that all those years I felt sad because I didn’t receive any flowers, didn’t hear any loving words, and didn’t have a ‘significant other’ – I actually DID. HE was the one who gave me the day; who bloomed every flower in the world; HE ordered the birds to sing;  He gave me words of love; He sent his most precious ONE – all because HE loved ME.

If you are sad today, because you feel like you are missing out on love, please know that you haven’t been missed, or forgotten. Not one little bit. The ONE who taught us what it is to love – loves YOU. And it is with an E-V-E-R-L-A-S-T-I-N-G Love.

New Year – Old Resolve.

Even though I have a three book series named ‘Resolution’, I am not traditionally a New Year’s Resolution maker. I never have been. Looking back on years past I can honestly say that I have never waited for a new year to roll around in order to change something in my life. This doesn’t mean that I have never made a resolution, just that I don’t wait for a benchmark event other than the obvious need within myself to make a change.

I like to apply the ‘let your yes be yes, and your no be no’ concept all year round. So this year I will continue to try and do what I say I will do – and if I fail (either myself or others), then I apply the forgiveness method, knowing that success lies in the ability to learn by mistakes and to move on.

I hope 2013 is your year of moving on to greater things in your life, and that love and peace will be your guide. Thank you for reading my blog, and for supporting me through my 2012 journey. Love to all. See you ‘next year’. 

Rose xo

ACRBA – Return to Baragula. by Mary Hawkins.

 Over the years Emily Parker’s actions as a teenager have impacted not only her own life, but the lives of many different people.

Now, six years later, she returns reluctantly to her home town of Baragula only to discover the man at the heart of those actions, Matthew Davidson, is the community’s respected doctor.

While Emily’s faith is now severely weakened by all that has happened, Matthew’s life has completely turned around since he committed his life to Christ. His personal relationship with God is tested when he discovers how his behaviour when a non-believer hurt so many, especially Emily, and feels responsible for her hardness of heart towards the Lord.

Disease attacks the community while danger from another source threatens Emily and her family. Through it all, will Matthew and Emily’s faith be strong enough to forgive each other and put the past behind them?

My Thoughts: 

This is my favourite of all the Mary Hawkins novels I have read. The story instantly engaged me, and although the romance was a little predictable, it was exactly what I like. I don’t want to wonder weather a heroine and hero get together in the end, I want to know that they do and enjoy the anticipation of the story as they get there. I also loved that both characters were flawed. In some Christian novels I have read, the characters are so ‘pure’ that the story is totally unbelievable and I simply cannot relate to them. This is not the case in ‘Return to Baragula’. I found this story to be a great balance between uplifting Christian ideals and displaying the grace and forgiveness that accompanies the Christian walk. 

See: http://www.mary-hawkins.com/ for stockist information.

On a personal note: ‘Return to Baragula’ was the novel that brought Australian Christian Authors into my life. I could hardly believe that an Australian had written a Christian fiction novel. It was a wonderful discovery, and a vital step that lead to my own calling as a Fiction Writer. Thank you, Mary Hawkins. xo

       Visit Mary at: http://www.mary-hawkins.com/

Our ‘Literary Army’

Matt and Karen – Vision Radio Network.

In my recent interview on the ‘Aussie Hour’ with Matt and Karen on Vision Radio Network, Matt commented that Australia was experiencing a ‘revival of the arts’. I truly believe that this is the case, especially in my circles – Christian Women’s Fiction.

We have such a dynamic team of authors writing stories that resonate, not only with our fellow Aussies, but with international audiences as well. We have editors, proofreaders, and publishers that are refining our work with a professional touch, and turning each book into a story that touches hearts and provides entertainment and learning to our growing audience.

It is a joy to be a part of this community. We lift each other up, challenge each other to do our best, encourage, and give healthy, constructive criticism delivered with the love and respect we feel for each other.

We truly are (as Matt says in this interview) a ‘literary army’, (love that), and I am itching to get down to see my peers at The Word Writer’s Getaway on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. Not only am I launching the third book in my ‘Resolution’ series – ‘A New Resolution’, I am also coming together with three other Aussie Authors to launch our conjunction book – ‘The Greenfield Legacy’. This book is a testimony to the power of working together, and I love the story we have produced.

Please seek out our Aussie Authors – we have released books you will want to read:

Here are some links to get you started:





 Please take a moment to listen to my interview with Matt and Karen on Vision Radio Network’s ‘The Aussie Hour’.


Aussie Hour interview with Matt and Karen.